Titus - Doing what is good!

The Word in Action:

  •  4th      Setting the scene        Titus 1:1-4
  • 11th     Leadership matters     Titus 1:5-16
  • 18th     The body beautiful      Titus 2
  • 25th     How are we doing?     Titus 3 

In July 2010, we looked at Paul's teaching to Titus. Think of a situation when we have "done something good". As we do that, ask the Holy Spirit to help us to understand more fully what He means by this simple term "good".

Remember that another word for "the Gospel" is "the good news" about Jesus.

Doing “good” (a frequent theme in Titus)

  • “he must love what is good” (1:8)
  • “teach others what is good” (2:3)
  • “do good …” (2:5)
  • “an example … doing good works” (2:7)
  • “be trustworthy and good” (2:10)
  • “committed to doing good deeds” (2:14)
  • “do what is good” (3:1)
  • “devote themselves to doing good” (3:8)
Book of the Bible: