6th June - A fruitful tree

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Sun, 06/06/2010 - 16:00

“This Psalm (Psalm 1) may be regarded as THE PREFACE PSALM, having in it a notification of the contents of the entire Book. It is the psalmist's desire to teach us the way to blessedness, and to warn us of the sure destruction of sinners. This, then, is the matter of the first Psalm, which may be looked upon, in some respects, as the text upon which the whole of the Psalms make up a divine sermon.” (C H Spurgeon)

  Warning of retrograde behaviour …



(1) There are three degrees of habit or conduct: walk / stand / sit.
(2) There are three degrees of involvement in evil: counsel / path / seat.
(3) There are three degrees of evil that result: wicked / sinners / scoffers
[cf Eph 4:17-19]
The antidote– a love affair with God’s word (see Psalm 138:2)
The Tree – planted on the riverbank, bearing fruit in season, leaves don’t wither
1. A tree has deep roots and stability – the capacity to withstand the stormsof life (Jer. 17:5-8). It’s the picture of mental, emotional, and spiritual stability in every kind of situation (see Phil. 4:11f).
2. It also pictures the concept of growth and time. As it takes time to produce a tree, so it takes time to grow and mature in the Word. We expect an overnight transformation and change. But true spiritual strength comes from a long-term, established relationship with God in his Word (Hebrew 5:11ff; 1 Pet. 2:2; 2 Pet. 3:18).
3. It also pictures ministry. A tree gives fruit. & shade. God has given us His Word that we might become fruitful in His service and in ministry to others.


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