15th August - God heals

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Sun, 08/15/2010 - 16:00

Psalm 32 one of the seven Psalms of Repentance


The joy of forgiveness (v.1-2)

What joy, what blessings are available. See also Matthew 5

  • Disobedience forgiven        
  • Sin put out of sight – ‘sins covered’
  • Slate wiped clean – record cleared of guilt

The pain of ‘the cover up’ (v.3-4)

Spiritual problems often have physical and emotional consequences.

  • Body wasting away
  • Groaning all day long
  • Strength sapped

 The need for action (v.6-9)

Note that there is limited time

  • Pray (v.6) & confess (v.5)  
  • Sing praise to God (v.7 & 11)
  • Find the ‘best pathway for your life’ (v.8)
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