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TITUS - Doing what is good!

For the month of July, we are looking at Paul's teaching to Titus. I want all of us to think of a situation each week when we have "done something good". As we do that, ask the Holy Spirit to help us to understand more fully what He means by this simple term "good".

Remember that another word for "the Gospel" is "the good news about Jesus".

A Prayer: "Lord, help each of us in our daily walk with you in Cambodia to be people who are known for 'doing good'" 

Our Favourite Verses from the Psalms

The ministry for June 2010 is on 'Living with the words of David: Encouragement from the Psalms'.

Can I remind you that I want to have feedback about your favourite verse from the Psalms. It would be great if you could share why that verse means so much to you. In that way we can encourage each other to 'delight' and 'meditate' on God's word (see Psalm 1:2).

Let's have them!

Our May Arrival In Siem Reap

Carol and I are glad to have arrived back in Siem Reap. We look forward to getting to know you all better in the coming months. We had a great farewell service and commissioning at our church in the north of England - a little town called Bawtry in Yorkshire. We know that many people are praying for us and for the work of the CFSR.

Together, as we allow the Holy Spirit to change us to be more and more like Jesus (see 2 Corinthians 3: 18), I believe that God can use us to build and strengthen His Kingdom here in northern Cambodia.  

Easter Day 2010

Carol & I wanted to send Easter Greetings to everyone at CFSR. For several years now with our UK Church (see http://www.bawtryevangelicalchurch.com) we have had a dawn service on a hill near Bawtry on Easter Morning. Sometimes there has been snow! I guess you will not experience snow in Siem Reap on Sunday morning.

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