November 2016

November 2016

1 Peter 2:11 (NIV)
Dear friends, I urge you, as foreigners and exiles, to abstain from sinful desires, which wage war against your soul.

Are we living like foreigners and exiles?
It was good to return home (to Siem Reap) in October from home (with family in the UK). This is how most of us expats live. It is a challenge being “home but not home” at the same time! In the UK I found people asking me “Where are you from?” My initial response is usually “Well, that is not a simple question!” A follow up with “Well, I’m from Northern Ireland with a family home in England but currently living and working in Cambodia!” can often develop an interesting conversation.
In his first letter, Peter tells his readers (2:9) that they are “a chosen nation and a royal priesthood”. As a result, the people of God are “foreigners and exiles” in this world. He calls us all to holy living and to withstand sinful desires (2:11). We need to allow the Holy Spirit to highlight those areas in our lives that need changed. But we need to pray that God will be at work in us so that His love and grace will shine out to others.
We celebrate 10 years of CFSR this month. Praise God for his faithfulness in this time. Pray for those who will be preaching; pray for our Leadership team as they have discussions with possible pastors for 2017 and beyond. Pray, too, for the ongoing finances of CFSR and the challenge of taking on a new pastor. We are resuming providing monthly offering details in the Bulletin to allow us to be better informed as we pray about our giving.
Monthly Finance Report:
Monthly Income (September 2016) $1,410
Monthly Costs (based on 2015) $1,980
(Shortfall) ($570)

Previous CFSR sermons can be listened to on Youtube by clicking on

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6th November 2016RememberingJoshua 1:910th ANNIVERSARYCommunion
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27thADVENT: Miracle of the MomentGalatians 4:4-7Ivor G
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Small Groups: 
Women's Evening StudyMonday7:00pmCommon GroundsCheck with Petra
Tuesday Small GroupsTuesday7:30pmVariousCheck with Melanie
Women's Morning StudyWednesday8:30amGreers' HomeCheck with Anne R
Living StonesWednesday12 noonNew BoL CafeCheck with Govin
**Weekly prayer for CFSR ** NEW!Wednesday7:00pmGreers' HomeCheck with Randy O

Monthly Women's Fellowship:

  • Friday  25th November at Greers' Home: 

Other Weekly events:

  • Men's Breakfast: every Friday morning from 7:15am

Come for food, good conversation and connections

Each week at Cafe Central! Contact person - Govin/ Ivor

  • Beyond Narnia Reading Group - on Monday evenings from 6:15pm

Come for stimulating discussion on one of CS Lewis's books

Each week at Various Venues! Contact person - Rachael K


Previous CFSR sermons can be downloaded from or listened to on Youtube by clicking on the link above


... PRAYER FOCUS FOR November 2016:

  • Elections - some 14 countries have elections this month; two for presidents
  • Countries of influence - especially those serving on the Security Council of the UN - China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States (the permanent 5) plus 10 elected members who (currently) include Egypt, Japan, Malaysia, Spain, Ukraine and New Zealand.
  • Cambodia and the leaders of the Khmer Church
  • CFSR - as we move forward with God to find our next pastor